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Christmas 2010 – Vatican

Vatican state post issued two stamps dedicated to Christmas, jointly with Romania featuring two famous paintings.

The first stamp is “The Birth of Jesus”, a work by 19th century Romanian painter, Gheorghe Tattarascu. The artist is considered one of the pioneers of Romanian neoclassicism. He studied for a number of years in the mid-1800s at the Accademica di San Luca in Rome and received a number of awards. Most of his works are dedicated to religious themes.

The nativity scene reproduced on the stamps is from a painting in the metropolitan Cathedral dedicated to the Blessed Virgin in the city of lasi, Romania. The second painting is “The Nativity and Adoration of the Shepherds”, which is a copy attributed to the school of Murillo, a Spanish artist dedicated to works primarily on sacred themes. This painting of the Adoration is considered one of the best copies and became part of the Vatican Pinacoteca collection in 1861 thanks to Pius IX.

Title: Christmas 2010 – Vatican
Date of Issue: 15 November 2010
Country: Vatican
Denominations: € 0.60, 0.65

Source: www.vaticanstate.va


  1. Christmas stamps the world over are this year uninspiring, be it NZ with tilted reprints, Guernsey with words in varied fonts, Argentina with a specticled Santa, Slovania with candles and Manaco with a half buried raindeer; exception being Germany with beautiful paintings of the Nativity. Philately is loosing its attraction !
    C D Singh

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