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Christmas 2011 – Norway

Christmas 2011 - Norway
Norway post issued a set of stamps featuring children with Christmas cards, the predominant Norway’s Christmas gnome.

When Christmas celebrations focusing on children and family grew in popularity, romantic Christmas traditions came to the fore, particularly Christmas Eve customs. Going to church by horse and cart, bringing home and decorating the Christmas tree and close-up shots of oat sheaves with bull finches and titmice are recurring themes.

Christmas in the country is almost a whole genre in itself, with a prevalence of clichés from well-to-do farming communities: sleigh rides, Christmas parties and the romantic farming life. Food and drink are also well represented. The menus are something of a mixture, often showing a full spread of cakes, fruit, chocolate, meat dishes and desserts.

During the Prohibition (1917-26), Christmas gnomes were often used humoristically to convey a view of Norwegians’ alcohol habits.

Title: Christmas 2011 – Norway
Date of Issue: 11 November 2011
Country: Norway
A-domestic: Boy holding Christmas letter A-domestic: Girl holding Christmas present

Source: http://www.posten.no

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