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Christmas 2011 – Slovakia

Christmas 2011 - SlovakiaThe painting of Anna Selbdritt from Rož?ava (1513), in literature also known under the name of Metercia from Rož?ava, is one of the most famous works of art of the late Gothic period in Slovakia. While the circuit the artist drew the inspiration from remains a subject of discussion, there is little doubt of the panel environment, in which it is located up to now. The group of St. Anne with her daughter Virgin Mary and a grandchild – Jesus – among them belonged to the most common themes of paintings in Spiš as well as in Eastern Slovakia (Levo?a, ?ubica, Spišská Sobota, Strážky, Prešov, etc.) around 1500.

The boom of this iconography was connected with the theological idea of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and the paintings ordered by religious brotherhoods of St. Anne promoted this idea. Metercia from Rož?ava is different from most other similar paintings, showing the landscape scenes with images of mining life. And so on this panel one can see a man, on the threshold of modern times, and his images of mechanisms necessary for mining of ores and precious metals, including pulleys, wagons and some works such as ore conveying, smelting and so on. The whole scene is overseen from the middle of the clouds by the half-figure of God the Father, while there are a few angels behind St. Anne climbing the tree on the left. This theme probably comes from the Old Testament, which speaks of wealth that “one cannot search for in a treetop, but in its roots”

Title: Panel Painting of Metercia from Rož?ava
Date of Issue: 13 December 2011
Country: Slovakia
Denominations: 1.60 €

Source: www.posta.si

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