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Christmas Carols

Any country, where people celebrate Christmas, has its own Christmas carols. Classical carols, which have migrated from country to country, and the more local classics, which people automatically associate with Christmas.

There are numerous Christmas carols in Faroese.

Á barnaárum ungu – In My Early Childhood
Hans Andreas Djurhuus (1883-1951) is the bright and most popular Faroese poet. During his career he wrote a whole lot of songs, describing nature, everyday life and national pride.

But, especially one part of Djurhuus’ works has become an integrated part of the national mind. As a teacher and poet, it probably came naturally to him to write children’s songs. Easy, optimistic and marvellous texts, which have fascinated Faroese children for generations, and left their stamp on our minds. The princess from Babylon or the butterfly that wanted to marry the fly – they are all an integrated part of the collective Faroese mind.

Lítla fitta nissa mín – My Sweet Little Brownie
Alexandur Kristiansen (b. 1949) is, like Djurhuus before him, an institution in Faroese cultural life and one of the absolute leading Faroese lyric poets. Since his début in 1968, he has enriched Faroese culture with several collections of poems, translations of novels and short stories and children’s books.

Title: Christmas Carols
Date of Issue: 20 September 2010
Country: Faroe Islands
Denominations: 6,00, 10,00DKK

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