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Church of St Simeon - Estonia

Church of St Simeon – Estonia

The Church of St Simeon and the female prophet Anne is the second Orthodox church built in a Tallinn suburb after the Great Nordic War.

It is located close to the harbour and was dedicated to St Simeon the Righteous and the prophet Anne (Hannah).

The church was built on the initiative of the navy and with its donations in 1752-1755 and served long as the church of the Navy.

Legend has it that the Church of St Simeon was built on the wreck of a sunken ship and a landfill.

Considerable rebuilding of the church took place in 1827 and in 1870 and it was probably then that it received its present size, façade and its cross-shaped ground plan.

The church has a belfry and an onion-shaped cupola rises on the higher central part of the church.

In 2001-2005 the church was thoroughly renovated; in 2007 it received a woodcut iconostasis and other interior furnishings and was reconsecrated.

At present it serves as the Cathedral of the Tallinn Archbishop and of the whole Estonian metropolitan.

The Church of St. Simeon and the female prophet Anne is one of few wooden churches that has come down to our days and is a listed architectural monument.

The belfry of the church has a museum of Orthodox church textiles and sacral attributes.

Title: Church of St Simeon – Estonia
Date of Issue: 17 May 2012
Country: Estonia
Denominations: 0.45 Euro

Source: Estonia Post

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