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Clover – Fifinka

Fifinka, the only “girl” in ?ty?lístek (Four-leaf clover) – cult comics series by the illustrator and creator Jaroslav N?me?ek. As a good housewife she is reading in a cookbook and on the table before her is a cup of white coffee and a cake. Stories of the ?ty?lístek are being issued more than incredible 40 years already. Together with ?ty?lístek already the forth generation of readers goes through their adventures. Fifinka is the first small figure on the stamp and she will be followed on stamps by the other “boys” from ?ty?lístek: Bobík, Myšpulín and Pin?a.

Title: lover – Fifinka
Date of Issue: 28 April 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Denominations: CZK 10

Source: www.cpost.cz

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