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Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps
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Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps for any festive occasion

U. S. Postal service issued booklet of Colorful Celebrations Forever stamps featuring eye-popping patterns that showcase geometric shapes, flowers, and birds.

The stamps feature designs based on a Mexican art form known as “papel picado,” Spanish for “pierced paper.”

While the designs suggest cut paper, they actually were created digitally.

The U.S. Postal Service is introducing four new products tailored to stamp collectors at the World Stamp Show – NY2016.

Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps

Celebrate any festive occasion with Colorful Celebrations, a new stamp USPS.

The booklet of 20 stamps includes 10 vivid, digitally created designs featuring eye-popping patterns.

These new stamps have been printed – and will be sold – only as complete booklets of 20 stamps, priced at $9.40 (20 X $0.47).

Each of the 10 design appears twice in each booklet of 20 stamps.

Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps
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The stamp designs come in one of four colors: blue, orange, purple, and fuchsia.

Papel picado, an intricate art form that was developed in Mexico, inspired artist Atzin Gaytan’s digital stamp art.

Sally Andersen-Bruce designed the stamps. Derry Noyes served as the project’s art director.

The Spanish term translates to “pierced paper.” Crafted with sharp tools and layers of tissue paper, papel picado designs often include birds, flowers, and religious iconography.

The elaborate decorations are hung during holidays, weddings, birthdays, and other festivities.

Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps FDC
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About Papel picado

Papel picado is a decorative craft made out of paper cut into elaborate designs.

It is considered a Mexican folk art. The designs are commonly cut from tissue paper using a guide and small chisels, creating as many as forty banners at a time.

Traditionally, papel picado is made entirely by hand.

The first step is to draw out the design on paper and then cover the paper with transparent plastic.

This will protect the original drawing. In order to produce multiple copies at once, fifty to one hundred sheets of China paper are stacked and then stapled together.

Using multiple chisels with differently shaped tips, the artist cuts out pieces of the paper from the stack. This allows the carving of many copies of a design at one time.

Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps FDC Digital
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The color postmark reflects the stamp colors in a striking, multicolored flower surrounded by fluttering birds. Also included are the stamp title, as well as the date and location of stamp issuance.

Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps WSSNY2016 Cover
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Title: Colorful Celebrations Forever Stamps
Date of Issue: 3 June 2016
Country: USA
Denominations: Forever

Source: US Stamps

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