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Emblems Danube II

Romfilatelia issued a postage stamp, the second series of thematic “Emblems Danube.” Danube even if Europe’s second largest river (after Volga), is Europe itself, or as Napoleon said, is “King of rivers in Europe.”

Since the eighteenth century, the river has started to become a route of communication between Western industrialized and agricultural area of south-eastern Europe, strongly dinamizând trade.

After signing the Paris Peace Treaty of 1856, it established the European Danube Commission (1856 – 1938) – an international body established on the river movement. In the second half of the twentieth century, the river was deepened and broadened. However, the construction of the Hydropower System and the Iron Gate Danube – Black Sea (64 km), in Romania, increased river traffic and the road to the sea has been considerably shortened.

Scoring two thirds of the border between Croatia and Serbia, the Danube passes through Belgrade, and then, after a brief return to the southeast, headed east, becoming the border between Serbia and Romania. Along this border is also the Danube Gorge, the longest in Europe (144 km), where ancient Danubius cut the Carpathian Mountains.

Boundary then follows the Danube between Bulgaria and Romania, the Danube and later in her journey Romanian, over a thousand miles, on her way to the sea to separate into three arms: Sulina, Saint George and Chilia, forming the Europe than Delta.

In about 600 meters, bathed Danube bank owned by the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine that of the approximately 80 km.

Today the Danube, Europe’s unique heritage that is protected by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, composed of representatives of neighboring countries. The existence of this committee is linked to the preservation and protection of Europe’s richest ecosystem.

£ 1.40 – Fortress Ram (Serbia).
£ 2.40 – dramatically Theatre – Ruse (Bulgaria).
£ 3.10 – University Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu – Cahul (Moldova).
£ 4.30 – Church Assumption – Izmail (Ukraine).

Title: Emblems Danube II
Date of Issue: 1 October 2010
Country: Romania
Denominations: £ 1.40, £ 2.40, £ 3.10, £ 4.30

Source: www.romfilatelia.ro

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