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Europa 2010 Children books – Mostar

Croatian post Mostar has issued two commemorative postage stamps in se-tenant to mark Europa 2010.

What’s the better than reading and letting you self in the magical world of children’s fairy tales and books? By reading, children not only enrich their mind with new knowledge and words, but they can travel through the fantasy world and live a lot of things which they probably never will in their lives. Each new book is a new challenge, new way into fantasy world, exploring different parts of the world, people, nature, culture.

An important step in raising children is teaching to read and acquire the culture of reading because in that way children are learnt to express themselves nicely and they enrich their vocabulary. And to awake love for reading in child can begin long before the child differs the letter. Books are both fun and educational; everything is learnt through them, from reading and numeracy in early childhood to the adaptation of variety of practical knowledge in older age. A child can be the star of each story and create its own exciting experience in which he/she has a leading role. A research has shown that it is easy to teach a child to read, but to learn a child to love reading is something entirely different. The book is a dear friend and invaluable source of knowledge and enrichment of language.

Title: Europa 2010 Children books
Date of Issue: 5 April 2010
Country: Croatian post Mostar
Denominations: 3 BAM x 2

Source: www.post.ba

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