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EUROPA 2010 – Czech republic

Czech post will issue a postage stamp in the series of Europa 2010, along with other European nations.

On the mark are depicted males who have a growth Dáše?ky from puppies adult dog. PostEurop – Association of European public postal operators – has declared a common theme EUROPA mark this year’s children’s book. Among the most popular children’s books in our country certainly belongs Dáše?ka or puppy from Karel Capek. Karel Capek was born in Male Svatonovice.

Immediately after graduation he worked as a teacher in a noble family, but soon switched to journalism. He worked at the National Press, Nebojsa also People newspaper. In the 30th century became the first chairman of the Czech PEN. With her love life Scheinpflugova Olga, in 1938 married a few months before his death. His brother, Josef Capek, the famous writer, painter and photographer.

The brothers worked together very often, as already mentioned Dáše?ce. Dáše?ka puppy is born to drsnosrsté teriérce Iris, which provided for Karel Capek. A book about her life, accompanied by photos of puppies, which took Charles’s brother Joseph. The story ends with her new owners will do. But the book contains other stories, such as habits or dog stories for Dáše?ku. Karel Capek left behind a large formation, among his most important works include: The War with the Newts, RUR, The White Plague or Krakatit.

Title: EUROPA 2010 – Czech republic
Date of Issue: 5 May 2010
Country: Czech republic
Denominations: 17 CZK

Source: www.cpost.cz

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