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Europa 2010 – San Marino

The San Marino post issued a set of stamps to mark Europa 2010. The theme chosen by PostEurop for the Europa 2010 issue is “Children’s books”.

The € 0,60 stamp depicts a girl flying in the sky amongst butterflies and clouds; the girl’s wings represent the pages of an open book. In the background are hills and a field of multicoloured flowers. To complete the stamp, the captions “children’s books”, “San Marino”, “EUROPA”, the value “0,60”, the printing institute, the year of issue and the artist’s name, “NICOLETTA CECCOLI”.

The € 0,65 stamp depicts a girl in space, sleeping on an open book, amongst clouds, stars and planets which revolve around her. From above can be seen the planet Earth.

Title: Europa 2010 – San Marino
Date of Issue: 17 March 2010
Country: San Marino
Denominations: € 0,60, € 0,65

Source: www.aasfn.sm

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