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Europa 2011 – Germany

Europa 2011 - GermanyThe United Nations declared 2011 as International Year of Forests. In all 48 member countries of the European organization “PostEurop” issued stamp with “Europa” mark.

The biological, ecological and climatic role of forests for life on Earth is invaluable. The loss of forests means the loss of biological diversity and climate change.

Since Urgedenken take advantage of the people the forests. The clearing of forests to non-simultaneous afforestation have been hurt earlier cultures such that they are no longer existent. But man has apparently not learned much from it: the reckless deforestation in tropical rain forest, the rigorous cases of ancient and not quickly replaceable trees have already led to noticeable changes in the flora, fauna and climate.

Why is the conservation, afforestation of forests to one of the biggest global challenges. The conservation of the environment for the tree inventory of the utmost importance: Trees can only grow where it is in the course of a year long period of time above 5 ° C, otherwise the production of wood pulp, the lignin synthesis no longer work.

Even in Germany, the forest has shrunk enormously. Thus only about one-third of the area is covered with forest. The forest to protect and reforest the world means to start their own front door at home.

Title: Europa 2011 – Germany
Date of Issue: 5 May 2011
Country: Germany
Denominations: 55

Source: www.philatelie.deutschepost.de

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