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Europa 2011 – Hungary

Europa 2011 - Hungary
Hungary post issued a set of postage stamp in the Europa series with forest theme.
The forest is one of Earth’s natural factors which includes the soil-dwelling organisms, the land of living mosses, fungi, and soft-woody plants, as well as inside living insects, bird life, etc. The forest is not simply a combination of trees! The forest is the largest consumer of carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, the use of wood as a raw material, energy source and many other forest products emerging from the source of the essential regulator of the water balance of the Earth, influences the climate, the food chain is the only place slowly to maintain uninterrupted ; the most important defender of the environment.

In addition, the sole effect of regeneration, and welfare, cultural, aesthetic impact is essential. Nearly a fifth of Hungary’s territory is covered by forest, which are maintained only under proper forest management is possible. The main objective of forest protection, in order to preserve biological diversity, product and recurring character, and meet social needs in accordance with the environmental and economic demands, and serve the health, social, and educational and research purposes.

Title: Europa 2011 – Hungary
Date of Issue: 9 May 2011
Country: Hungary
Denominations: 200 Ft x 2

Source: www.posta.hu

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