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Europa 2011 – Jersey

Europa 2011 - Jersey
Jersey Post issued its Europa 2011 stamp with theme, entitled ‘Forests’, by featuring a set of stamps depicting foliages of various trees to be found in Jersey.
Being an island of some 45 square miles, Jersey is not home to any forests as such. We do, however, have woodland in scattered locations, with a rich variety of trees and vegetation for us to enjoy and, who better to ask for a selection of woodland trees to feature on our stamps than local experts, Jersey Trees for Life.

Title: Europa 2011 – Jersey
Date of Issue: 8 February 2011
Country: Jersey
39p Silver Birch Betula pendula
45p English Oak Quercus robur
55p Beech Fagus sylvatica
80p Lime Tilia cordata

Source: www.jerseypost.com

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