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Europa 2011 – Romania

Europa 2011 - Romania
Romania post issued a set of postage stamps dedicated to International Year of Forests 2011, as declared by United Nations. Forests ecosystem that brings a complete plant environment, found a high diversity of species of trees and plants, the survival of many species belonging to what called a “fauna”, is also a prime factor in the climate.
True “lung” of the Earth, forests provide carbon cycle circuit, retaining the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and releasing one of the vital elements, oxygen.

The phenomenon of global warming, solar radiation levels due to changes, mainly due to massive pollution of carbon dioxide – which produces “greenhouse effect” – is dangerously amplified by changing vegetation cover and uncontrolled deforestation. Scientific forecasts an increase of 2 ° C average temperature indicates severe weather phenomena with an increase in sea level by 18 to about 60 cm.
Climate change could affect particularly water resources, agriculture, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, coastal areas, which must also add negative influences on human life and health.
Therefore, stopping global deforestation by 2020 would rank as one of the most effective measures to limit and reduce “greenhouse effect”.

Title: Europa 2011 – Romania
Date of Issue: 27 April 2011
Country: Romania
Denominations: 2.40L, 9.10L

Source: http://www.romfilatelia.ro/

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