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Europa 2012 - Faroe Islands

Europa 2012 – Faroe Islands

Faroe islands issued a set of postage stamps inviting people of world to visit Faroe Islands, as a part of EUROPA 2012 series. The roar of the surf, the screams from the sea-birds – the ever changing light which can alter the shape of a mountain. The colours, the deception of the senses – the acknowledge of inconstancy built into even the most solid rocky ground. The echoes of eternity resound through space and time, but there are few places on Earth you will sense it more clearly than on the Faroe Islands.

It may seem peculiar for the untrained eye, that the Faroes, situated in the midst of the unforgiving North Atlantic Ocean, in fact is a very attractive tourist destination. No tropical beaches, no massproduced hotels for charter tourists and no waterparks or other tourist-traps, which are so common at traditional tourist destinations.

And still the interest for the Faroes as a travel destination is rapidly growing. In a comprehensive study from 2007, which covered 111 archipelagos all over the World, National Geographic Traveller pointed the Faroe Islands out at the most appealing island-destination in the World. In December last year, The Daily Mail recommended the Faroes as one of the ten best destinations in 2012. The interest for the islands has increased during the past few years, after experienced travel journalists and people who prefer alternative travel experiences have become aware of the destination.

And there are valid reasons for that. Unspoiled environment and culture, well-established infrastructure and good accomodations are atractive for tourists who seek something different than just days in the sun. The rough beauty of the country is legendary and stimulates the senses. Hikes in the mountains, boat-cruises to inaccessible promontories and caves – or just to sit down on a boulder and let the mysterious nature flow into body and soul. There is room for everything. Unspoiled bird-cliffs and breeding grounds. The secrets of the sea – below and over the surface. Fantastic geological formations with millions of years on their rugged backs. The wild, the unspoiled, the prodigious.

The EUROPE stamps this year give a tiny glimpse of what you could expect from an active holiday on the Faroes. Hikes and trips in the grandious nature – by land or by sea. To take a peek into the abyss from a sharp mountain-edge on one of the northern islands – or a high speed and extreme cruise below the enormous bird-cliffs of Suðuroy – just a couple of the exiting activities that wait for you.

And just like the wild outback, the cultural landscape has a lot to offer. Traces back in time to the first Iron Age settlers. Ruins of Viking farms, the agricultural landscape of the Middle Ages and well-preserved houses from days of old. The Cathedral Ruins of Kirkjubøur, a monument over the power and glory of the Middle Age church. The museums around the islands, which provide an excellent insight into the colourful history of the islands.

And finally, the modern Faroese society. From the cafées and nightlife of Tórshavn, the numerous cultural events – to everyday life in villages and towns. The summer-festivals, the music-festivals, chain-dance and rock conserts. Art exhibitions and literary events – the cultural life of the Faroes is as varied and colourful as the village houses.

It is not the lazy life at sunny beaches you will meet on the Faroe Islands. It is the life in a rough and untamed nature – the beauty of the grandious and ever changing. The encounter with hospitable people, who may live in a strange environment, but still are surprisingly cosmopolitan, skilled in languages and well-informed about the World outside. A modern society characterized by its environment and history.

Title: Europa 2012 – Faroe Islands
Date of Issue: 30 April 2012
Country: Faroe Islands
Denominations: 6.50KR, 10.50KR

Source: http://www.stamps.fo

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