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Europa 2012 - Latvia

Europa 2012 – Latvia

Latvia Post issued two stamps in the European stamp series EUROPA 2012, depicting one of the best-known culture sites of Riga and Latvia – the Opera House. This year’s theme for the Europa stamp series is Visit…, and the Opera is one of Latvia’s most internationally recognized and visited national symbols of art. The stamps depict both interior and exterior features of the Opera House, while also conveying its current status as a citadel of art.

The Latvian National Opera is situated in the building of the former City Theater, also known as the Riga German Theater, built in 1860-1863 with the design of the architect Ludwig Bohnstedt. The site was formerly the location of one of the elements of Riga’s fortification system – “the Pancake Bastion”. The Opera House is a building of Hellenic classicism; at its magnificent façade is a portico of Ionic columns and a group of allegorical characters.
Title: Europa 2012 – Latvia
Date of Issue: 17 March 2012
Country: Latvia
Denominations: 0.55 Ls, 1.20 Ls

Source: http://www.pasts.lv

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