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Europa 2012 - Romania

Europa 2012 – Romania

Europe is where it arose in the early nineteenth century, international tourism. Wealthy Britons who, before she married, had a habit of going on a trip to the mainland for recreation and desire to know other countries have generalized the frequency of trips, the first manifestations of organized tourism. As a result, Europe has become the most visited continent, with most countries and attractions in the world.

As a consequence of this fact, this year’s theme of PostEurop – Europe 2012 is titled Go … theme which constitutes an invitation to know, by stamps, tourist attractions of the countries of Europe. In Europe noted several types of tourism such as watering and sea, cultural and historical mountain and winter sports.

Romania today, existing since the first millennium, has appeared on the old fireplace of Dacia, in the south-eastern Central Europe, the Carpathians in the middle, bordered by the Danube and Black Sea. With almost all naturally occurring forms of relief, thousands of rivers and springs, parks and nature reserves, caves famous and unique in Europe, saline, Black Sea, Romania displays its beauty in a necklace of spa tourism high on the map -sea in Europe.

Herculane, Felix, Sovata Calimanesti, salt from the mine and Slanic Moldova, spa sequence Eforie or sea resorts on the Black Sea coast to the Mamaia and Mangalia, are just some of the sights of our country. The continent’s largest delta, the wonderful Danube Delta, Europe’s youngest land, which is in constant metamorphosis, has many attractions. It is the only delta in the world declared a Biosphere Reserve and natural monuments listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

Carpathian Mountains, the beautiful Prahova Valley, where ski resorts are ready to host the European Youth Olympic Festival (FOTE) – 2013, one of the biggest and most beautiful nature reserves in Europe, Yosemite National Park, the castles Peles and Bran , are especially popular city attractions.Romania is country famous wooden churches from Maramures Merry Cemetery and the one world, one in Sapanta, the monasteries of Moldova, the most famous monastery Voronet the famous painting of blue which amazes every visitor.Romania deserves a visit for its unique beauty and the many traditions kept for centuries. However they present with simplicity and humility, giving generously to all who visit this space mioritic always belonging ancient Europe.

Title: Europa 2012 – Romania
Date of Issue: 6 April 2012
Country: Romania

Source: http://www.romfilatelia.ro

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