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Europa 2012 – Slovenia

Europa 2012 - Slovenia
Slovenia post issued a set of stamps in the EUROPA 2012 series featuring Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture. The selection of Maribor as European Capital of Culture 2012 is an opportunity for all its citizens. An opportunity for the city to blossom and to bring together all its creative spirits. All who are working for a better future, at all levels. Including the partner towns – Murska Sobota, Novo Mesto, Ptuj, Slovenj Gradec and Velenje – involved in the “Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture” project.

During its year as cultural capital, Maribor presents itself to the world with a distinctive logo and slogan. The Maribor 2012 logo consists of six coloured circles: red for Maribor, like a jet turbine; green for Murska Sobota, for the many watermills that once lined the river Mura; the grey circle represents Novo Mesto and nuclear energy; Ptuj is represented by a yellow circle symbolising a traditional wind-rattle; the blue circle represents space travel and Slovenj Gradec; and a powerful industrial note in orange represents Velenje.

The Maribor 2012 project aims to use all this energy to wake up the city and encourage creativity – and this is also the origin of the slogan “The Turning Point!” We are providing a turning point, a point of inversion, for our culture, our city and its inhabitants, a turning point in mentality and in society.

Title: Europa 2012 – Slovenia
Date of Issue: 30 March 2012
Country: Slovenia
Denominations: €0.44, € 0.92

Source: http://www.posta.si

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  1. If we are to vote for the “Best Scribbled Stamp” Slovenia would win with its Europa 2012 stamp! It has colour too in the scribbled design & letters. Keep rolling those EUROPA stamps to keep us amused ! How many of these will sell is another matter.

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