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Europa 2012 – The Visit France

The Europa stamps are postage stamps issued by European postal administrations, every stamp issued every year addresses a common theme. For this year 2012, the theme is ” Visit … “focuses on cultural and tourist heritage of each country. For the stamp Visit France , the French Post issued this stamp featuring five landmarks or monuments representing France.

It includes as well the Place Stanislas in Nancy. World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it was created at the request of the Duke of Lorraine Stanislaw Leszczynski and built from 1755. This place has experienced many upheavals in the history of France but kept its name.

Le Mont Saint-Michel, which also appears on the stamp, is the third most visited tourist site in France and is named after the rocky island dedicated to St. Michael where stands the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. Joined in 1979 World Heritage of UNESCO, Mont Saint-Michel is one cultural, tourist and pilgrimage for followers.

The Eiffel Tower, meanwhile, was built by Gustave Eiffel for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 . Since June 24, 1964, the Eiffel Tower is listed as a historical monument and a UNESCO World Heritage since 1991. His height allows him to have the title of “tallest structure in the world” until 1930.

Le Pont du Gard was also chosen to illustrate the theme Europa 2012. It was built by the Romans in the first century AD to supply water to the city of Nimes. It is a monument which is a World Heritage of Humanity since 1985. In 2000, the state decides to fund a project for the site, as part of an operation site of the Grand National with the assistance of UNESCO, local authorities and the European Union. All this to preserve the monument.

Title: Europa 2012 – The Visit France
Date of Issue: 21 May 2012
Country: France
Denominations: 0.77 euros

Source: http://timbres.laposte.fr

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