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Europa 2012 – Visit Netherlands

Europa 2012 - Visit Netherlands
For the Europa 2012 stamps, the waterways of Amsterdam, symbolising the position and attraction of the Netherlands as a land of water, is the theme that has been selected as the interpretation of the EUROPA Stamp Best Design Competition’s 2012 theme of ‘Visit…’.

The stamps show how Amsterdam’s wealth and development as a city has been dominated by its historic concentric rings of canals and the River Amstel (featured on the Europa stamps), as well as by the River IJ and the Oosterdok docking basin (featured on the Netherlands stamps).

Title: Europa 2012 – Visit Netherlands
Date of Issue: 26 March 2012
Country: Netherlands
Denominations: 1

Source: http://collectclub.postnl.nl/

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  1. Many years ago when I went to Netherlands, the town was shut for Easter & the museum was closed too. If these stamps are an invite for Amsterdam, we would rather re-visit France or Germany !!

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