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Europa 2012 Visit – San Marino

Coloured hands as symbol of the various world’s ethnic groups. Joy and happiness to represent jubilation.The Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelia e Numismatica di San Marino gave its feed back to the request of PostEurop with a stamp of Paolo Maniglio.

The theme chosen by the European Association of postal administrations for 2012 is Europa Visit. The main point of this philatelic issue is tourism. It’s a very charming exhortation. The light blue background refers to the Insitutions which grant freedom and indipendence. In the centre there is the image of the cableway opened in 1959 and modernized in the 90ies, it is the most attractive symbol for tourists coming from all over the world.

A panoramic trip from Borgo Maggiore to the city centre of Città. Beauty, charme and curiosity. A state to visit, an old town to admire, a nation to know. A few centimeters, a perforated rectangle to underline a message: come in, visit the most ancient Republic of the world. Feel at easy. There is a beautiful place which wishes to be tasted, listened to and felt in all its uniqueness.

Title: Europa 2012 Visit – San Marino
Date of Issue: 13th June 2012
Country: San Marino
Denominations: € 0,65

Source: http://www.aasfn.sm

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