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Europa 2015 - Greenland

Europa 2015 – Greenland

Greenland issued two EUROPA stamps under EUROPA 2015 themed “Old Toys”. The stamps features ‘Pulaartut’, a mind game and wooden figures.

‘Pulaartut’ is a mind game and still today one of the most famous string games in Greenland. One figure has to visit the other without the string being untied.

A challenge, both today and in previous times. De- spite this concept being centuries old, ‘Pulaartut’ is still produced in Greenland.

It is nice to see that children still play the same games as in times past. Only the material has changed.

The wooden figures are painted in the colours seen in the West Greenlandic National Costume and were made in the 1950’s.
Europa 2015 - Greenland

Title: Europa 2015 – Greenland
Date of Issue: 13 May 2015
Country: Greenland
Denominations: DKK 12.50, 14.00

Source: http://www.stamps.gl/uk/Index.htm

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