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Europa Stamps 2016 Ecology in Europe - Think Green

Europa Stamps 2016 : Ecology in Europe – Think Green

Europa Stamps 2016 are very special stamps with “Think Green” theme aimed to create awareness and give a wakeup call, its time to protect our environment for the better future of the coming generations.

Europa stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/ enterprises under the aegis of PostEurop in which Europe is the central theme.

The stamp issues bear the official EUROPA logo, a PostEurop registered trademark.

EUROPA stamps represent cooperation amongst postal operators and promote philately. They exist to build awareness of the common roots, culture, and history of Europe and its common goals.

EUROPA stamps are very popular among thematic collectors and are the most collected stamps in the world.

Each year, PostEurop’s Stamps & Philately Working Group selects the EUROPA stamps theme.

The EUROPA stamps issued in previous years are:

2009 Astronomy
2010 Children Books
2011 Forests
2012 “Visit…”
2013 “The postman van”
2014 National Music Instruments
2015 Old Toys

Europa Stamps 2016 – Think Green

The theme for this year, Europa Stamps 2016 is “Ecology in Europe – Think Green”.

The image selected for the EUROPA stamps 2016 is the design from Cyprus Post artist, Ms. Doxia Sergidou, chosen amongst 24 outstanding entries.

The stamp motif shows a hand on the top side actively replacing the grey colour (the environmental pollution) with the green colour which symbolizes environmental living and hope. The image explains that “it is in our hand to create a greener planet“.

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Armenia

Europa 2016 stamps Armenia
Date of Issue: 17 November 2016
Denominations: 350 AMD x 2

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Georgia

Europa 2016 stamp Georgia
Date of Issue: 3 November 2016
Denominations: 2.90 GEL

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Belgium

Europa 2016 stamps Belgium

Europa 2016 stamps Belgium FDS

The annual ‘Europe’ stamp appeals to ecological thinking.

Date of Issue: 13 June 2016
Denominations: 1.10 € (Europe)

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Slovenia

Europa stamps 2016 Slovenia

The stamp offers the clear message that creating a greener planet is in our hands: while the left-hand side of the stamp is grey, the right-hand side is being “painted” green by a human hand.

The Slovenia’s proposed stamp design by Gorazd Ucakar was classified second.

The message of Slovenia’s stamp is also more than clear: Europe must work together to be greener.

Europa stamps 2016 Slovenia

The fact that nature does not recognise national boundaries is symbolised by an illustration of the European continent in a single, green leaf.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 0.64€, 0.97€

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Malta

Europa Stamps 2016 Malta

Postal administrators around Europe have issued a joint-stamp issue with the theme ‘Think Green’ so as to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of EUROPA stamps.

The theme is intended to express the world’s aspiration for a better and cleaner environment.

The 0.59 stamp was designed by Cyprus Post. The design, which is the work of the artist Doxias Sergidou, was chosen among 24 other designs in a competition.

She explains that her design intended to highlight the fact that ensuring a cleaner planet is a common responsibility and duty.

Europa Stamps 2016 Malta

The 2.19 stamp was designed by MaltaPost. The artist Sean Cini explained that his design was inspired by that of Cyprus Post and intended to transpose that message to a Maltese context highlighting the importance of engendering a ‘green mentality’.

The stamp features the Ta’ Kola Windmill in XagGozo which was built around 1725. The windmill’s name Ta’ Kola comes from the last miller, who was popularly known as ¯eppu ta’ Kola (Joseph, son of Nikola).

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 59c, €2.19

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Luxembourg

Europa Stamps 2016 Luxembourg

Europa Stamps 2016 Luxembourg

In 2016, for the 60th anniversary of the EUROPA issues, the theme is “Think green, Ecology in Europe”.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 0,70€, 0,95€

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Poland

Europa Stamps 2016 Poland

Europa Stamps 2016 Poland

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 5 zl

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Latvia

Europa Stamps 2016 Latvia

Latvijas Pasts traditionally releases two stamps in Europa series every year.

This year, each of the stamps was designed by a different author.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Europa stamps, this year all European countries are issuing one of the stamps in this series according to a single design.

Europa Stamps 2016 Latvia

First stamp Think Green was designed by the artist Doxia Sergidou (Cyprus Post).

The second stamp and the cover were designed by the artist Arta Ozola Jaunaraja. The squirrel depicted on them is a symbol that calls for supporting waste sorting and recycling.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: € 0.78 x 2

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Faroe Islands

Europa Stamps 2016 Faroe Islands

Europa Stamps 2016 Faroe Islands

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 9, 17 kr

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Croatia

Europa Stamps 2016 Croatia

Even the smallest drop of water contains thousands of living beings.

This is a small and strange world, not visible to a necked eye.

In fact we are not aware that even the smallest organisms on Earth make our planet a place to live, ensuring with its existence the natural balance.

Advances in science and technology improved development of civilization, but we have neglected nature.

Our society has tremendous demand for energy, we have contaminated nature with industrial waste, noxious gases, pesticides, heavy metals and organic matter greatly reducing the diversity of plant and animal species.

Changed environment affects the health of people, endangering the survival of our own species through climate change, “greenhouse effect”, damage to the ozone layer of the Earth.

Europa Stamps 2016 Croatia FDC

Knowledge of ecology is extensively applied in recent decades in solving global problems, according to the principle of “biomimicry”: applying natural solutions in various fields of science, technology and economic activities where the goal is to create sustainable products and processes that “learn to listen the nature.”

The natural systems and organisms provide fantastic examples of successful communication, production and storage resources, and energy-efficient design.

In practice, going green means adopting five basic principles in your daily life: reduce pollution, conserve resources, conserve energy, reduce consumption and waste, and protect the earth’s ecological balance.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 4.60, 7.60 HRK

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Europa Stamps 2016 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Europa Stamps 2016 Bosnia and Herzegovina

The theme and the title of “Europe 2016.- Think Green” aims to draw attention to environmental problems in the world.

This year marks the 60th anniversary edition of “Europe”, which will be marked in various ways, including through joint design on postage stamps of all mail States Parties PostEurope.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 2.50 KM x 2

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Estonia

Europa Stamps 2016 Estonia

This year the subject of the EUROPA postage stamps is “think green”.

Of the two stamps one has been designed by the issuing country while the other stamp is similar for all the countries whereas the stamps form a joint whole between them.

On the first stamp the artist shows that work made man from the ape, but what man has done with his wisdom…?

In addition to human development and factories with smoking chimneys the stamp features the world’s first affordable and thus mass produced car, Ford Model T.

On the wholly green printed cover the electric car has been printed in a stylized shape.

Europa Stamps 2016 Estonia

It is an eloquent example that green thinking has become popular in the transport sphere. Besides, there are hints on the cover that Estonia created the world’s first country-wide electric car charging network.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: €1.40 x 2

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Aland

Europa Stamps 2016 Aland

To celebrate 60 years of Europa stamps, a design competition on a Think Green theme was arranged among the European postal administrations.

In addition to the joint motif, Aland Post also issues its own design with a more literal interpretation of the theme.

The Aland motif was designed by graphic designer Carl-Johan Listherby.

Europa Stamps 2016 Aland

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: €1.30 x 2

EUROPA 2016 Think Green – Hungary

Europa Stamps 2016 Hungary
© 2015 Magyar Posta Zrt

In 2016 the member countries will issue their stamps with the same design on the theme Think Green.

The stamp design was chosen in an international competition.

Hungary’s design, which can be seen in the margin of the miniature sheet, came an honourable third in the contest.

The Hungarian typography, the frame, the associated cover and the postmark were designed by the graphic artist Barnabas Baticz.

Europa Stamps 2016 Hungary
© 2015 Magyar Posta Zrt

Nowadays there are numerous opportunities to make efforts of varying degrees to live in an environment conscious way.

Introducing the practice of thinking green at a day-to-day level protects the state of the Earth, and helps to enhance our living conditions and environment.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: HUF 305

Green Idea Through Stamps – Lithuania

Europa Stamps 2016 Lithuania
© 2016 AB Lithuania

European Postal Operators Association PostEurop this year drew attention to environmental protection.

“Green” Thought-provoking ideas are immortalized on stamps, spread out in all European countries.

The rapidly developing world, protecting the environment and sustainability issues are particularly relevant.

The advancement of science, industrial growth and economic development poses a serious threat to ecological security.

Europa Stamps 2016 Lithuania
© 2016 AB Lithuania

Environmental protection is one of the EU’s growth strategy “Europe 2020 priorities”.

Date of Issue: 7 May 2016
Denominations: 0,71 euro x 2

EUROPA stamps Think Green – Guernsey

Europa Stamps 2016 Guernsey
© 2016 Guernsey Stamps and Collectables

EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations, which bear the official EUROPA logo.

There are a range of approaches, both in business and in the home that we can all take to ‘Think Green’ and in doing so increase energy efficiency and reduce spend.

Changing our behaviour a little is easy and requires minimal effort, yet doing so can save hundreds of pounds a year!

Europa Stamps 2016 Guernsey
© 2016 Guernsey Stamps and Collectables

Date of Issue: 6 May 2016
Denominations: 64p

“Think Green”-EUROPA stamp goes green! – Finland

Europa Stamps 2016 Finland
© Posti Ltd

The theme of the 2016 EUROPA stamps is environmentalism in Europe-“Think Green”. The bicycle image of Cypriot Doxia Sergidou, the winner of a design contest organized in 2015, is reflected in the EUROPA stamps of European postal services.

Stamp designer Timo Berry selected a bright green background for the Finnish 10-piece 1st class no-value indicator stamp sheet and created a Priority label with a bird motif.

Europa Stamps 2016 Finland
© Posti Ltd

Date of Issue: 6 May 2016
Denominations: 1st class

EUROPA 2016: Ecology in Europe – Think Green! – Slovakia

Europa Stamps 2016 Slovakia
© 2016 POFIS – Postal philatelic service

A good life that respects our planet’s limits is the main goal of the European environmental action programme which states the main environmental direction of our society’s development.

A low-carbon society, with a green sustainable economy, social equality and resistant ecosystems are the main base of our sustainability.

International postage stamp project of European Post offices from the EUROPA issue series clearly demonstrates the ambition of Europe to move towards a green economy and green growth. The successful introduction of green initiatives should be a basic factor in our competitiveness and sustainable life.

It is necessary to meet our basic human needs in the area of goods and services but also to improve the quality of life and secure sufficient resources for future generations. Sustainable consumption applies to our lifestyles, shopping habits and the way we use products and services.

Europa Stamps 2016 Slovakia
© 2016 POFIS – Postal philatelic service

Finally, also our towns and cities are affected, we must support the creation of a green infrastructure and the utilization of renewable energy sources to become green and intelligent.

Date of Issue: 5 May 2016
Denominations: 0.90 €

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Serbia

Europa Stamps 2016 Serbia

Tradition is a set of values which represent a bond between past and present, and the pledge for the future. One nation cannot fully understand its own tradition and culture unless it connects with other nations.

In 2016, the Association of European public postal operators “PostEurop“ is celebrating 60 years since the creation of the first “Europa“ issue postal stamp, and it also reflects on the bridge that is behind us, bridge that European nations and their postal operators have been building continuously for previous 60 years, which is connecting diversity of all parts of Europe and thus creates unbreakable bond between European nations that lasts to this day and which represents one of the greatest achievements of European civilization.

First Europa stamp 1956
Source: europa-stamps

The beginning of this nice and long tradition is placed in 1956 when the first “Europa“ issue postal stamp was realised. Its designer, Frenchman Daniel Gonzague, showed creation of a new Europe destroyed by World War II, which is reflected in building a tower that represents vertically paced letters of the word EUROPA.

The tower is surrounded by construction scaffoldings symbolizing that the construction of the new Europe is in progress.

Europa Stamps 2016 Serbia

Today, 60 years later, when the wars are behind us and when the tower “Europa“ has been built, “PostEurop” recognizes the importance of preservation and protection of the environment, and it selected “Ecology in Europe – Think Green“ as the theme for the 2016, to highlight one of the biggest problems of modern society.

Author of the artistic solution for the joint “Europa” stamp, that will be issued by all “PostEurop” members, is Cypriot Ms. Doxia Sergidou, which on one side showed ecological danger which threatens us and its causes, and on the other side a picture of a society that cares for its environment.

Europa Stamps 2016 Serbia

Factor that makes the difference between those two sides is us, and it depends on us what kind of world we want to leave to the future generations.

Artistic realization of the stamp of nominal value 69,00 RSD: Jaksa Vlahovic, academic graphic artist.
Artistic realization of the stamp of nominal value 100,00 RSD: Doxia Sergidou.

Date of Issue: 9 May 2016
Denominations: 69,00 RSD, 100,00 RSD

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Romania

Europa Stamps 2016 Romania
© Romfilatelia 2016

Among the international events of 2016 is the 60th anniversary since the first EUROPA stamp issues. On this occasion, the PostEurop body organized an international design competition on the theme Think Green!, this being the topic of the Europa 2016 issue.

Since ancient times people have realized the important role of environmental conditions on the organisms. The first scientist who highlighted the principle of interaction in the living world was Charles Darwin.

Darwin noticed that different species influence each other through their activities and that the success of a species depends on these mutual interactions, in the struggle for existence.

Darwin’s ideas were developed by zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who first coined the term ecology in 1866.

Ecology is important in the understanding of how the environment works, how it’s affected by various factors (especially human) and how it can be preserved, repaired and improved.

Environmental conservation is a set of measures to be taken to prevent and eliminate pollution, reducing its effects on the environment by using the appropriate clean technologies, through actions to limit the damaging effects of natural phenomena.

Windmills or wind systems are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative means of producing electricity. Many European countries have already opted for installing wind generators at both industrial and residential systems, and in Romania these ones begin to make their appearance gradually.

Implementation of alternative energy technologies is seen worldwide as a solution to the depletion of fossil fuels and windmill systems being the best known method of generating eco electricity, along with photovoltaic panels.

Date of Issue: 4 May 2016
Denominations: 5 Lei, 12 Lei

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Czech Republic

Europa Stamps 2016 Czech Republic
© 2016 Ceska posta
Europa Stamps 2016 Czech Republic
© 2016 Ceska posta

This year’s theme of the annual issue, common for all countries of the PostEurope organization, is Thinking Green.

The additional print on FDC features a human face shaped as a tree crown.

Date of Issue: 4 May 2016
Denominations: 27,00 CZK

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Jersey

Europa Stamps 2016 Jersey
© All rights reserved by Swift Postal

Four stamps exploring the theme ‘Think Green’ are released by Jersey Post on 3 May as part of the EUROPA Stamps 2016 issue.

Every year, European postal administrations are given a stamp issue title to interpret and illustrate by PostEurop, the trade association that has been representing European postal operators since 1993.

“The idea behind the joint stamp issue is to build awareness of each other’s culture and history,” explains Rachel MacKenzie, Philatelic Marketing Manager at Jersey Post.

“This year, the Europa issue took a competition format and Jersey Post was one of twenty four postal administrations from across Europe to submit a design based around the ‘Think Green’ theme.”

Europa Stamps 2016 Jersey
© All rights reserved by Swift Postal

The 74p, 76p and £1.00 stamps in this set were designed for Jersey Post by Two Degrees North in Guernsey. “We decided to take a typographic approach to the stamp designs, using words and phrases relating to sustainability and the environment,” Rachel continues.

“The words have been arranged in the shape of a head, the island of Jersey and a globe to illustrate that protecting the planet starts with the individual but that it is something that needs to be done together as a community and collectively around the world.”

The £1.29 stamp features the winning entry in the Europa competition and was created by Ms Doxia Sergidou for Cyprus Post. The Europa logo appears on the 74p and £1.29 stamps.

Date of Issue: 3 May 2016
Denominations: 74, 76, £1, £1.29

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Germany

Europa Stamps 2016 Germany

Ecology is a central concern for Europeans. This underlines the motif appearing in many countries of PostEurop edition of Europa Stamps 2016. Their motto “Think Green” in this country was “living Environmentally aware” in Germanized.

The resources of the Earth are the basis of our existence. to protect you, is a question of survival. But the opposite is the case. Humanity consumes more natural reserves than our planet can renew.

The earth moves towards burnout. Politics and economy urgently need to take countermeasures. Also, each individual consumer must take action and adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Rethinking affects all areas. Excessive consumption of meat is bad for the environment. Household appliances with the best energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption.

Whoever lowers the room temperature by one degree saves five to ten percent heating energy. In the area of mobility, models of sharing ( “car-sharing”) offer. Important is the use of public transport. Private transport should be climate-friendly, such as electromobility.

Date of Issue: 2 May 2016
Denominations: € 0.70

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Island

Europa Stamps 2016 Island

PostEurop decided that the member countries should issue stamps with the same image content for EUROPA Stamps 2016, dedicated “green thinking”. Member countries could also design their own stamps dedicated to green thinking.

Maple Olafsson designed the Icelandic stamp dedicated to the protection of the sea. Untouched nature and unpolluted environment is a key to health, well-being and quality of life as well as it strengthens social and economic development worldwide.

The goal of green thinking is to protect the environment by reducing the need for unsustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Clean sea water is one of the most important interest of Icelanders. The government has long placed great emphasis on international action to prevent marine pollution and other damage to the marine environment.

Items that can ensure good environmental awareness is outdoors, cycling and recycling of paper and plastic products. It is important that adults are model children and young people in terms of green thinking and environmental protection.

Date of Issue: 28 April 2016
Denominations: 50g x 2

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Bulgaria

Europa Stamps 2016 Bulgaria

Date of Issue: 26 April 2016
Denominations: 1.0, 2.0 BGN

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – The Netherlands

Europa Stamps 2016 Nederlands

Date of Issue: 25 April 2016
Denominations: 1.25 € x 2

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian post)

Europa Stamps 2016 Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbian post

Date of Issue: 25 April 2016
Denominations: 1.50 BAM x 2

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Andorra

Europa Stamps 2016 Andorra

Date of Issue: 22 April 2016
Denominations: 1.15 €

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Spain

Europa Stamps 2016 Spain

The Stamps contrasts two ideas. On the one hand, that of a city covered pollution represented by gray, with dark clouds and cables on the roofs; on the other, a city where green is the predominant color and where they emphasize renewable energy symbolized in the mills, trees and plants or birds.

A cyclist, encouraging the use of clean transports also appears. A hand with a roller paints the town green and white, thus erasing the gray pollution.

In Europe, has considerably reduced the emission of air pollutants in recent decades. But this is not enough, the concentration of elements that pollute remains very high in the atmosphere so the poor air quality, especially in urban areas where the largest number of population is concentrated persists.

Many governments seeking to improve its environmental policies, and above all, raise awareness about one of the most important problems that affects humans.

The use of means of transportation without engine, reducing polluting energy versus renewable energy, reforestation of forests , increasing the number of green areas on all the cities, they are actions that can help curb the pollution, but, above all, the most important is that each person will raise awareness of this problem and we all think green.

Date of Issue: 22 April 2016
Denominations: A

EUROPA Stamps 2016 : Think Green – Ukraine

Europa Stamps 2016 Ukraine

Europa Stamps 2016 Ukraine

Date of Issue: 15 April 2016
Denominations: N value

EUROPA 2016 : Think Green – Moldova

Europa Stamps 2016 Moldova
Europa Stamps 2016 Moldova

Date of Issue: 5 April 2016
Denominations: 5.75 l, 9.50l

EUROPA 2016 : Think Green – Belarus

Belarus post issued two stamps as a part of EUROPA stamps 2016 themed “Ecology in Europe — Think green” bearing the EUROPA logo.

Face value H is equal to the surface tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.
Letter “P” is equal to the air-mail tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.

Europa Stamps 2016 Belarus

Europa Stamps 2016 Belarus

Date of Issue: 5 April 2016
Denominations: H, P
Source: Belarus Post

EUROPA 2016 : Think Green – Croatian Post Mostar

Europa Stamps 2016 Croatian post mostar

Every year under the aegis of PostEurop, special stamps with the EUROPA logo are issued that have a unique central theme for all its members.

The theme for 2016 is planet Earth and natural environment protection. Considering that this year, the 60th anniversary of EUROPA stamps is being celebrated, all member countries have the same postage stamp design.

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Even though man has found a great number of discoveries by his spiritual abilities, he will never reveal the discovery that only nature can surpass by all its beauty, simplicity and immediacy, in which its creation nothing is missing and nothing is excessive.”

Europa Stamps 2016 Croatian post mostar

In relation to previous centuries today the co-existence of man and nature has been greatly altered, because man has put himself in the centre of everything. Harmful consequences are being noticed all the more often, because industrial development has more impact on the permanent damaging of the environment.

Irresponsible behavior, not only of large companies, but also of every individual, has brought us to negative impacts that the modern man must face and generations that are to come.

We must understand that man needs nature in order to live. Therefore, it is necessary to grow in coherence with nature, and should use modern technological achievements for improving and developing according to the environment that surrounds us.

Europa Stamps 2016 Croatian post mostar

Date of Issue: 5 April 2016
Denominations: 3,00 BAM
Source: The Croatian Post Mostar

Europa 2016 : Think green – Danmark

Europa Stamps 2016 Danmark

Date of Issue: 31 March 2016
Denominations: 25.0 DKK x 2
Source: Danmark Post

Europa 2016 : Think green – Gibraltar

Europa Stamps 2016 Gibraltar

Gibraltar post issue features two stamps as a part of Europa Stamps 2016 with a theme ‘Think Green’.

The first stamp is a common stamp chosen amongst 24 outstanding entries to be featured on this year EUROPA stamps.

The second design features an illustration of a human brain represented as tree leaves with sketched thoughts of how to think and act ‘green’ created by Giordano Aita.

Europa Stamps 2016 Gibraltar

Date of Issue: 30 March 2016
Denominations: £1.50, £1.50
Source: Gibraltar Stamps

Europa 2016 : Think green – San Marino

Europa Stamps 2016 San Marino
Image courtesy San Marino Post

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Europa stamps PostEurop choose the theme for 2016 as “Ecology in Europe – think green”.

The stamp shows a dichotomous landscape: half grey and polluted, half green and healthy. Above there is a hand which represents the possibility to replace the grey colour of the pollution with the green colour which symbolizes life and hope.

Date of Issue: 10 March 2016
Denominations: € 1.00
Source: San Marino Stamps

Europa Stamps 2016 Liechtenstein

Europa stamps 2016 - Liechtenstein

“Think Green” is this year’s motto for the Europa stamps 2016 issued by the member states of the trade association that represents European public postal operators, PostEurop. The stamp shows a grey city full of emissions changing into a green oasis.

In addition, Philately Liechtenstein is issuing a national Europa stamp on the same topic. To this end, it held its own competition among trainee graphic artists and polygraphers in Liechtenstein.

Aurora Corrado won over the jury with her design “Rethinking Green” . She divided the Earth depicted on her stamp into two parts: One half of the Earth shows skyscrapers and industrial buildings in unfriendly colours while on the other half, you can see a green landscape with mountains and a rainbow.

Date of Issue: 7 March 2016
Denominations: CHF 1.50 x 2
Source: Liechtenstein Stamps

Europa Stamps 2016 Azerbaijan

Europa Stamps 2016 Azerbaijan SS

Europa Stamps 2016 Azerbaijan

Date of Issue: 25 January 2016
Denominations: 0.20, 0.60 AZN, souvenir-sheet 1.0 AZN
Source: Azerbaijan Stamps

Europa Stamps 2016 Sweden

Europa Stamps 2016 Sweden

Date of Issue: 14 January 2016
Denominations: 140 kr
Source: Swedish Stamps