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Expo 2010 Shanghai – Finland

The main theme of the EXPO 2010 is Better City – Better life. The City of Shanghai with its nearly 14 million inhabitants is suitable for this event.

The architecture of Finnish Pavilion Kirnu has got the inspiration from the nature and the giant’s kettles, cavities naturally formed during Ice Age in bedrock as a result of the heavy ice drilling stones through the bedrock. A hollow space resembling a giant’s kettle can also be found in the center of the Finnish pavilion, Kirnu.

Title: Expo 2010 Shanghai
Date of Issue: 4 May 2010
Country: Finland
Denominations: 1,60 €

Source: www.posti.fi

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  1. The denominations are actually 2 x first class. At the time the set of two stamps cost 1,60€ (2 x 0,80€) though now it is 1,50€ (2 x 0,75€).

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