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Fairy Lily

Vietnam post issued a set of stamps featuring “fairy lily”. Indigenous to the Western Hemisphere, Fairy lily are petite members of the amaryllis family. They are clump-forming perennials which are small at first, but over several seasons will increase nicely.

Fairy lily is easy little bulbs to cultivate, standing about 9 inches tall. It is also a popular house plant. It bears linear, hollow, strap-shaped or grass-like leaves. The solitary flowers consisting of 6 pointed petals, borne on a short scape are delicate and flourish throughout the rainy season, especially after heavy showers. A good garden soil is suitable and a sunny or semi-shady environment.

It is useful as a border plant in front of the shrubberies and can decorate windows when in shallow pots or bowls.

Title: Fairy Lily
Date of Issue: 30 July 2010
Country: Vietnam
Denominations: 3500d, 10500d

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