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Famous People 2010

Famous People 2010
PNG post issued a set of stamps and souvenir sheet featuring the most famous people Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Mother Teresa.

Famous People 2010

Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul is the first Polish pope to date and first non Italian pope since Dutch Pope Adrian VI in 1522.

He served 26 years as the pope until his death April 2nd in 2005.

His service as a pope was the second longest in documented history, the only pope to serve longer was Pope Pius IX.

Pope John Paul was acclaimed as one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century; he significantly improved the Catholic Church’s relations with Judaism, Islam, the Anglican Communion, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Pope John Paul II was fluent in over 12 languages and one of the most-travelled world leaders in history visiting 129 countries during his pontificate.

Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed on December 19th 2009 that Pope John Paul II was “Venerable”. He has surely left a lasting legacy.

5t – Pope John Paul II meets pilgrims during his visit to Czestochowa
10t – Pope John-Paul II in Nigeria
K1.00 – Pope John-Paul II in Poland
K3.00 -Pope John-Paul II visits Poland
K4.65 -Pope John-Paul II greets the crowds in St Peter’s Square at Easter
K6.30 -Pope John-Paul II visits England

Famous People 2010
K10.00 – The Pope Leading a Canonization Ceremony
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI is the 265th and current at the head of the Catholic Church. On April 19th 2005 he was elected to become pope and celebrated his Papal Inauguration Mass on April 24th 2005.

The oldest pope to be elected since Pope Clement XII in 1730, he succeeded John Paul II.

Pope Benedict is from Utrecht and is the ninth German pope.

The Ratzinger Foundation is the Pope Benedict’s own foundation a charitable organization which generates revenue from the sale of his books and essays in order to fund scholarships and bursaries for students across the world.

Famous People 2010
K1.00 – Mother Teresa Is Pictured Here In New Delhi, 1997
K3.00 – Mother Teresa visits Rome Italy, 1971
K4.65 – – Mother Teresa reacts after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, 1988
K6.30 -Mother Teresa arrives in Bhopal, India. 1984

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa was a catholic Albanian nun from, India.

Mother Teresa ministered to the sick, poor, orphaned and dying for over 45 years in India and other countries.

Pope John Paul II gave her the title Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

Mother Teresa won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and in 1980 India’s highest civilian honor the Bharat Ratna for her humanitarian work.

She has 610 missions in 123 countries which include soup kitchens, homes for people with AIDS/HIV, leprosy and tuberculosis also counseling programs, orphanages and schools.
Famous People 2010
Famous People 2010
Famous People 2010
Title: Famous People 2010
Date of Issue: 13 October 2010
Country: Papua New Guinea

Source: PNG Post

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