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Farming Australia

Farming Australia
The dairy industry is one of our major rural industries, ranking behind only beef and wheat. While all states and territories have dairy industries, most production occurs in the more temperate south-east areas of the country, and includes milk, yoghurts and a wide variety of cheese types. The most common dairy cow breeds are the Holstein Friesian and the Jersey.

The bright yellow sunflower is native to North America and grown mainly in Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. Sunfl ower seed is a source of oil used for cooking, salads, paints and industrial lubricants. Non-oil varieties of sunfl ower are used as birdseed or roasted and eaten as a snack.

The pineapple is a tropical fruit native to South America and in Australia grows best in tropical Queensland and northern New South Wales. Lutheran missionaries planted the fi rst crops in Brisbane in 1838 and the commercial industry was established in 1924. In 1946 canning plants were built at Rockhampton and Cairns.

Australia is consistently among the top 10 wine-growing countries in the world. Shiraz is the most produced variety, followed by chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. The main wine-producing states are South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, although Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and ACT also have wine industries.

The humble apple tree originated in Central Asia and is one of the most widely cultivated plants in the world. Of the many apple varieties in existence, around 15 are produced commercially in Australia, with Pink LadyTM, Granny Smith, Gala and SundownerTM being the four most common. Victoria is Australia’s leader in apple production and the market is primarily domestic, with the majority of fruit sold and consumed fresh.

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