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FIFA 2010 South Africa – Brazil

Brazil post issued a postage stamp commemorating the event of football world cup FIFA 2010, held in South Africa.

The stamp shows at the center, an image of South America and Africa with maps of Brazil and South Africa are covered by their respective national flags. In the band that encircles the seal are arranged the flags of other countries participating in the 2010 World Cup, a feature similar to that used in the logos of FIFA 78 and 82.

Two football players stylized complement the central image. The flags of Brazil and South Africa make up the background image in artwork designed by Alan Magalhaes.For the first time, all 32 countries participating in an edition of the World Cup are represented with their flags in a Brazilian postage and, interestingly, the German flag is the one that was placed upside down.

Title: FIFA 2010 South Africa – Brazil
Date of Issue: 6 June 2010
Country: Brazil
Denominations: R$ 2,55

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