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FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 – Argentina

Argentina post issued a set of four postage stamps and souvenir sheets to commemorate the upcoming football world cup “FIFA 2010”.

1. Argentina: player makes a move called “block the passage of 2 x 4” for its resemblance to one of the figures of tango, traditional dance of Argentina.
2. South Korea: Player moving at great speed leaving a trail of fire in its wake. This selection is characterized by its fast game.
3. Nigeria: player represented by an eagle-man tribute to the selection of this country known as “eagles” for his agility and certainty in the game.
4. Greece: Greek column player in a position of “barrier” protecting his bow. The typography of the country name evokes the design of the Greek guards. The set is the number pi.

Title: FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010
Date of Issue: 5 June 2010
Country: Argentina
Denominations: $ 7, $ 5, $ 1.50, $ 1.50

Source: www.correoargentino.com.ar

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