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Fiftieth anniversary of the Elysée Treaty - France

Fiftieth anniversary of the Elysee Treaty – France

France post along with Germany issued a stamp celebrating the Fiftieth anniversary of the Elysee Treaty , which symbolically sealed the reconciliation Franco-allemende .

It is January 22, 1963 that Chancellor Adenauer and General de Gaulle signed the Treaty on Franco-German Treaty says the Elysee .

Fiftieth anniversary of the Elysee Treaty highlights the historic reconciliation between the two countries and stressed the importance of the political, commercial and cultural ties to France and Germany. It is this founding text that will build and develop the structures of cooperation and collaboration that lead today interrelationships.

During this half-century, created the board include Economic and Financial Franco-German, German-French Council for the Environment, the Defense and Security, and Eurocorps .

Relations at the highest level have been strengthened with the meeting every two months for two heads of state and their Ministers of Foreign . The Franco-German Office for Youth has enabled 7.5 million young people to meet, the Franco-German University which form a dense network working in a spirit bicultural . The channel ARTE , created since 1990, has become a benchmark of European culture.

Several moments will punctuate the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary: ??after the commemorative event held at Reims in the presence of two Heads of State in July 2012 and that of Ludwigsburg in September 2012, two appointments are taken: January 22, 2013 in Berlin , the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty, July 5, 2013 in Paris, when the creation of the Franco-German Youth.

Title: Fiftieth anniversary of the Elysee Treaty
Date of Issue: 2 January 2013
Country: France
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