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Flag over Historic Mills

Canada post issued a stamp depicting Flag over Historic mills which helped country’s social and economic development for more than two hundred years.

Mills have helped shape the course of our country’s social and economic development for more than two hundred years. Before grain milling technologies were developed and introduced, people had no choice but to endure the labour-intensive and time-consuming process of hand grinding. Mills were the first factories, combining natural power and machinery to do the work of many men at once, and they served as the intersection between farm and industry. Few people were more important to a settlement than the miller, the link between these two worlds. Due to eastern and central Canada’s plentiful forests, Quebec, New Brunswick, and the Ottawa Valley were home to some of the biggest sawmills in the world by the early 19th century.

Many of Canada’s oldest mills have been preserved and restored as memories of our rich heritage. This year’s addition to Canada Post’s ongoing Flags over Canada definitive series will feature five historic mills: Watson’s Mill (Manotick, ON), the Keremeos Grist Mill (Keremeos, BC), the Old Stone Mill National Historic Site (Delta, ON), the Riordon Grist Mill (Caraquet, NB), and Cornell Mill (Stanbridge East, QC). The stamps will be cancelled in Delta, where the Old Stone Mill’s bicentennial celebrations will be taking place, and in Manotick, to mark the 150th anniversary of Watson’s Mill.

Title: Flag over Historic Mills
Date of Issue: 11 January 2010
Country: Canada
Denominations: 57c permanent x 5

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