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Flora 2015 : Endemic plants

Flora 2015 : Endemic plants

Croatian post Mostar issued commemorative stamps of Flora 2015 presenting endemic plants, the Arum Orientale subsp. Orientale and Woodland Crocus or Tommasini’s Crocus.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a particularly rich biodiversity due to its location in three distinct geological and climatic regions: The Mediterranean region, the Euro Siberian-Bore American region and the Alpine-Nordic region.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a reservoir of various endemic flora.

As much as 30% of the total endemic flora in the Balkans (1,800 species) is contained within the flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Flora 2015 : Endemic plants

# The Arum Orientale subsp. Orientale

The Arum Orientale subsp. Orientale (Arum petteri) is specifically known by its black (dark-brown) overlaying leaf that forms a specific tube in which there is a light brown cob in the center.

The blossom is located on a thicker stem that in the beginning grows surrounded by a leaf.

On the same stem female blossoms grow, that are located at the bottom of the cob, and the male blossoms are located above them.

In this way, the Arum’s flower is adapted to pollination with the help of insects.

# Woodland Crocus or Tommasini’s Crocus

Woodland Crocus or Tommasini’s Crocus (Crocus tommasinianus) is a plant from the Iridaceae family, which was named after the botanist Muzio G. Spirito de Tommasini (1794. – 1879.).

In the springtime, from the perennial bulb firstly grows slender leaves, and then flowers of 6 pedals which coloring varies from pale silvery lilac to reddish purple.

Saffron originates from the Orient and is mentioned in ancient Indian records, while in the Bible, in the Old Testament, is mentioned as one of the most expensive spices.

Flora 2015 : Endemic plants

Title: Flora 2015 : Endemic plants
Date of Issue: 1 November 2015
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denominations: 2. 00 BAM x 2

Source: The Croatian post Mostar

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  1. Very pretty & informative. We have different coloured crocus and Himalayan Arum.

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