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Canada Post issued a set of four definitive stamps featuring orchids that grow in Canada. The stamps are the fifth issue in a popular series that began in 2004. “These flowers are extremely interesting, both in terms of their variations in appearance and peculiar breeding patterns.

The Striped Coralroot (Corallorhiza striata), named for its heaps of coral-like roots and distinctive red striping. The vibrant leafy stems and flaring petals of the Giant Helleborine (Epipactis gigantea) are in full bloom. The charming rose-pink blossom of the Rose Pogonia (Pogonia ophioglossoides), which emits the sweet scent of fresh raspberries. And the upright clusters of the showy magenta flowers of the Grass Pink (Calopogon tuberosus), which grace wet bog lands in mid summer.

Title: Flowers
Date of Issue: 11 January 2010
Country: Canada
Denominations: 57c, $1, $1.22, $1.70

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