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Flowers (III)

Chunghwa Post issued a third set of definitive stamps on flowers, featuring Michelia champaca, Duranta repens cv. Lass, Ixora chinensis, and Lagerstroemia speciosa.

1. Michelia champaca (NT$7.00): This medium-sized evergreen tree of the family Magnoliaceae is commonly known as a yellow jade orchid tree in English. Its yellow orange flowers are produced singly from the axis of a leaf. The sweet smelling flowers are often seen as a symbol of luck, suggesting “a house full of gold and jade.” It prefers a warm climate, and can be planted in the ground or in a large container.

2. Duranta repens cv. Lass (NT$15.00): This evergreen shrub is a member of the family Verbenaceae. Its leaves are oval in shape. Its flowers are arranged in terminal or auxiliary racemes. Its tubular corolla is blue-purple with lavender edges. The petals are slightly curved and appear to look like lace. The fruit, growing in yellow when ripe, is poisonous.

3. Ixora chinensis (NT$20.00): This evergreen shrub of the family Rubiaceae is commonly known as Chinese ixora or red ixora in English. Its leaves are either ovovate or elliptical. The inflorescence is in the form of a terminal umbel. The orange red corolla is slender. Its long flowering season and its tolerance of drought and heat make it an ideal ornamental or hedge plant.

4. Lagerstroemia speciosa (NT$34.00): This large deciduous tree of the family Lythraceae is commonly known as queen crepe-myrtle in English. Its leaves are elliptical to long elliptical. Its terminal panicle is elegant with either hot pink or violet crinkled petals. The salient feature of this tree is that its blossoms are rose red during the day and purple at nights.

Title: Flowers (III)
Date of Issue: 20 January 2010
Country: Taiwan
Denominations: NT$7.00, NT$15.00, NT$20.00, NT$34.00

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  1. Beautiful set of stamps depicting flora! It’s new issues like these that keep my interest and excitement in stamp collecting alive, thanks for this lovely piece of information on the issue of this set from Taiwan, much appreciated 🙂

    Happy Collecting to all!

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