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For the Youth 2010 – steamer Germany

German post issued a special stamps “for the youth to flow” for over 40 years. The stamps are dedicated to the youth brand historic steamships. This example supports the resources in the field of child and youth welfare national youth education and meeting place, and measures of special and exemplary role, which serves the development of youth.

The four stamps features four different Steamers:

The obtained GERMANY 1900 on its maiden voyage from Cuxhaven to New York with 22.42 knots, the Blue Ribbon for the fastest North Atlantic crossing, they could defend six years and three months. They had two quadruple expansion steam engines, six-cylinder with 16 boilers, and was measured with 16 502 GRT. The ship was built by the Vulcan Stettin in 1925 and broken up in Hamburg.

The Imperator was with 52 117 tons and a length of 277.06 m to 1914 as the largest ship in the world. The steam turbine plant and the 46 water-tube boilers, the ship achieved at an output of 61,000 hp at a speed of 23 knots. The IMPERATOR received after the First World War and an oil-firing was flying the British flag until 1938 when Berengaria from Southampton to New York.

The ALL was one of the steamers of the River-class and was used in the North Atlantic circulation. It was built in 1886 in Glasgow, Scotland, and was the first steel vessel of a Bremen shipping company, which already had a triple expansion engine with an output of 8,000 hp. The speed was 17 knots in a survey of 4964 GRT. After a renovation in 1897, the steamer received a third and fourth pole and high chimneys. The ALL was able to rescue the crew of a British steamer in 1898. In 1902, the ship was decommissioned and scrapped.

The Columbus was in 1923 finished in 1924 and ran from Bremerhaven on her maiden voyage to New York. The 32,354-ton passenger ship quickly gained an excellent reputation. It had two four-expansion steam engines with oil-fired boilers and one that achieved with an output of 32,000 hp at a speed of 19 knots. 1929, the Columbus, which was used as a cruise ship in the North Atlantic and a stronger combined cycle plant. After the outbreak of the Second World War plunged the proud steamer, 19 December 1939 in the Atlantic Ocean itself, the crew was interned and only returned after the war home.

Title: For the Youth 2010 – steamer Germany
Date of Issue: 12 August 2010
Country: Germany
Denominations: 0,45 + 0,20, 0,55 + 0,25, 0,55 + 0,25, 0,145 + 0,55 Euro

Source: http://philatelie.deutschepost.de

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