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For us children – 2010 – Teddy Bear

German post issued a postage stamp featuring Teddy Bear, one of the most loyal friends to children’s. So also for Kim. Kim had since childhood and since they are inseparable.

Bezis, so Kim called his friend, short hair is golden blond, his head almost as round as a ball. The ears can be folded down and whisper secrets. Bezi sitting at dinner with you at the table, even if he eats little. Sometimes you see Bezi look as if he had tried to eat like a toddler himself.

His glass button eyes peering curiously, the muzzle with the nose spot, it stretches out boldly into the world. Kim’s mom has already helped Bezi often called the “bear Doctor” and angeflickt ears, legs and arms again. Even new “shoes” has the Bears have already adapted his doctor a few times, because the straw was grown out of his feet.

Title: For us children – 2010 – Teddy Bear
Date of Issue: 9 September 2010
Country: Germany
Denominations: 0,55 Euro

Source: www.philatelie.deutschepost.de

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