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Former Fiefs of the Grimaldis of Monaco

Until the French Revolution, the Princes of Monaco were in possession of substantial fiefs in French territory. The enjoyment of these Lordships originate, on the one hand, from the Treaty of Peronne, signed in 1641 with France and, on the other, from the alliance of the Sovereign House with two large French families: the Goyon-Matignon family and the Aumont-Mazarin family. In 1777, the son of Honoré III, Prince of Monaco, married Louise d’Aumont, descendant of the niece of the Cardinal of Mazarin and heiress, in particular, of the earldoms of Ferrette, Thann and Rosemont and of the barony of Altkirch.

Title: Former Fiefs of the Grimaldis of Monaco
Date of Issue: 23 April 2010
Country: Monaco
Denominations: 1€ x 4

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