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Game Fishing

PNG post issued a set of stamps and miniature sheet featuring popular game of Fishing.

PNG is renowned for its outstanding marine life and has some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling centers. Among them fishing is also a popular activity. From the rivers to the oceans, Papua New Guinea has the ultimate fishing experience.

KI.00 – Female Angler hooked up at Hankow reef, Madang province
K3.00 – Team effort
K4.65 – A magnificent 25kg sailfish caught out of the Driftwood Resort at the Dormalin Islands in Milne Bay province.
K6.30 – 10kg Baramundi was caught at Mullins Harbour out of the Driftwood Resort, Milne Bay Province

K10.00 – Iren Robinson brok the world record on April 3rd, 2003. She caught a Blue Fin Trevally (2.60kg) on a 4kg line.

KI.00 – Game Fishing boat enroute to Bagabag Island, Madang Province
K3.00 – Male angler hooking up in an open sea fishing
K4.65 – 14kg Wahoowas caught out of the Driftwood Island on the north eastern side of Milne Bay. It was caught on 10kg line using a Rapala X-Rap lure. Wahoo are a common species in Milne Bay and can grow to over 30 kilos.
K6.30 – 11kg baramundi on display

The coastal waters around the Madang, East and West New Britain and New Ireland abound in blue and black marlin, sailfish and dogtooth tuna. In the waterways near Kandrian or Daru freshwater fisherman can take on the famous Papuan Black, Barramundi or Spot Tail Bass. Offshore game fishing, or blue-water fishing targets large fish renowned for their sporting qualities, such as tuna and marlin.

The billfish (broadbill swordfish, marlin and sailfish), larger tunas (bluefin, yellowfin, and big eye) and sharks (mako, great white, tiger, hammerhead and other large species) are the main species recognized as big-game fish,
Game fishing has conventions, rules, licensing restrictions and laws that limit the way in which fish may be caught. The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) makes and oversees a set of voluntary guidelines. Typically, these prohibit the use of nets and the catching of fish with hooks not in the mouth. Enforceable regulations are put in place by governments to ensure sustainable practice amongst anglers.

Title: Game Fishing
Date of Issue: 11 June 2010
Country: Papua New Guinea
Denominations: KI.00, K3.00, K4.65, K6.30

Source: www.postpng.com.pg

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