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Germany – Liechtenstein Joint issue

Every child in Liechtenstein knows the Pfälzerhütte situated 2108 metres above sea-level, the destination of those first sweat-inducing school outings into the Liechtenstein Alps. For many of the country’s inhabitants paying at least an annual visit during the summer holidays or on mild autumn days to this rough brick-built rest station is moreover part of a cherished tradition. But few know how this mountain lodge came by its name.

In May 1925 the Federation of Palatinate Sections within the German and Austrian Alpine Association decided to erect a mountain hut in the Rätikon range.

The site chosen was the Bettlerjoch, a mountain saddle on Liechtenstein territory between Augstenberg and Naafkopf, on the border with Austria and Switzerland. This proposal was welcomed by the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, which granted permission for the build in April 1926.

On 5th August 1928 the Pfälzerhütte was officially inaugurated after a building period of 113 days. In 1950, after the lodge had remained uninhabited for many years and been looted more than once, it was acquired by the Liechtenstein Alpine Association (LAV). Today the shelter, now enlarged by the addition of an annex building, is open for business continuously from June to October.

The postal administrations of Germany and Liechtenstein held a design competition for this “Germany-Liechtenstein Joint Stamp”. Joint stamps produced by two friendly countries continue to enjoy great popularity – after all they document in an agreeable way the amicable relations between two states.

Title: Germany – Liechtenstein Joint issue
Date of Issue: 14 June 2012
Country: Germany
Denominations: 0.75 EURO

Source: http://philatelie.deutschepost.de

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