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Girl guiding

The Isle of Man Post Office celebrate the Centenary of Guiding with this set of eight stamps which also includes the Europa theme of Children’s Books. The Girl Guides Association was officially formed in 1910 with Agnes Baden-Powell (Robert’s sister) as President.

The first Isle of Man Guide Company 1st Douglas (St. Matthews) was officially registered on 7th February 1916, followed by the 2nd Douglas (St Georges) and 3rd Douglas on 17th October 1917.

Of the early Companies to be registered the Company with the longest continuous registration is 9th Douglas (St Ninian’s), which has run for eighty years, from January 1930 to the present day, without a break.

The lives of many thousands of girls and women on the Island have been influenced by Guiding during the first one hundred years of its remarkable history. Girlguiding Isle of Man is today the largest voluntary youth organisation on the Island, with 1,300 members; girls, young women and adults. Membership of the Trefoil Guild is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has been or still is a member of Girlguiding UK or the Scout Association.

Title: Girl guiding
Date of Issue: 18 February 2010
Country: Isle of Man
Denominations: 32p x 2, 33p x 2, 56p x 2, £1 x 2

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  1. Hi everyone there ! What a nice effort to collect such interesting information for the world collectors specially those interested in Scouting Stamps. I hope more information will be added when other countries join hands to issue beautiful stamps, s/s and FDCs for this special occaion. I appreciate your efforts and send my salutes to you all.
    Y M Kakar,
    Quetta Pakistan.

  2. What a nice efforts for the world collectors specially those involved in Scouting related Philately. Hope new information is included when other countries issue this stamps, s/s and FDCs on this special topic.
    Y M Kakar
    Quetta, Pakistan.

  3. I am grateful to the world Postal Administrations who issued unique stamps on the great event of Scouting. They have no doubt won our hearts and souls by issuing such gems of philtelic interest. Let us hope they keep it up in the upcoming
    world events for the sake of we the enthusiasts. Hurrah !!!
    Y M Kakar,
    Quetta, Pakistan.

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