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Greetings 2013 - Ireland

Greetings 2013 – Ireland

Irish Post issued two new Greetings 2013 stamps, specially designed for use on greeting cards. This year’s stamps were designed by Steve Simpson and feature illustrations by renowned illustrator, Cathy Dineen. The stamps show the delight shown by a boy and girl on receiving a greeting card in the post.

The origin of sending greeting cards can be traced back to ancient Egypt and China, where hand printed messages of goodwill were exchanged. The custom then made its way to Europe during the 15th century.

By the 1850s, advances in printing, mechanisation, and a reduction in postal rates with the introduction of the postage stamp, transformed the greeting card from a relatively expensive, handmade and hand-delivered item, to a popular and affordable means of personal communication.

Since then, the practice of sending greeting cards has evolved and grown, so that no matter what the occasion, there is a greeting card to convey the message.

Greetings 2013 - Ireland

Title: Greetings 2013 – Ireland
Date of Issue: 7 March 2013
Country: Ireland

Source: http://www.irishstamps.ie

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