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Guan Yin – Thailand

Thailand post issued a postage stamp honoring the Thousand-Armed and Thousand-Eyed Guan Yin Goddess.

The Thousand-Armed and Thousand-Eyed Guan Yin or, for short The Thousand-Armed Guan Yin is one of the attitudes of the Bhodisattava Guan Yin. The Guan Yin Goddess looks grand and majestic, creating a sense of awe at her miraculous powers.

The characteristics of the Goddess in this particular attitude have two hidden meaning. Firstly, the Goddess uses her one thousand eyes to look after creatures that are in a limbo of suffering through her mercy; and with her 1,000 arms, she pulls them away from capture in the meaningless life cycle. The second meaning refers to the miracles of the Bodhisatava in being able to subdue evil and hit them from intruding into human lives.

Title: Guan Yin – Thailand
Date of Issue: 10 October 2010
Country: Thailand
Denominations: 9 Baht

Source: http://www.thailandpost.com/

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