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Guia Lighthouse 150th Anniversary

Guia Lighthouse 150th Anniversary

Macau post issued two stamps and a Souvenir Sheet to mark 150th Anniversary of Guia Lighthouse, the first modern lighthouse on the Chinese coast.

The stamps features various views of the Guia Lighthouse.

The Guia Lighthouse was designed by Carlos Vicente da Rocha, a Portugese born in Macau. The lighthouse was built in 1864 and began operation on 24 September 1865.

It was selected as one of the Eight Attractions of Macau in 1992 and was inscribed in UNESCO world heritage list as a part of the Historic Centre of Macau in 2005.

The Guia Lighthouse is located atop Guia Hill near the southeast corner of the Macau Peninsula and inside the Guia fortress and beside Guia Chapel, built around 1622.

The geographical location of Macau on the world map is defined by the co-ordinates from the exact location of the lighthouse.

Guia Lighthouse 150th Anniversary

The lighthouse is a 15-metre-high tower with a diameter of 7 metres at the base narrowing upwards to 5 metres. At the top, there is a circular observation platform, where the lantern is installed. The focal plane is 108 m (354 ft) and two white flashes every 10 s.

The light transmitter is accessed by a spiral flight of stairs inside. The tower has a simple rustic exterior, in keeping with Guia Chapel lying adjacent.

Before the development of electricity the lighthouse was operated by kerosene lamp. It was damaged by a typhoon in 1874 and remained out of service until 1910.

Beautifully restored in recent years and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is one of China’s best known and most visited lighthouses.

Nowadays a modern illumination system is installed whose emitted light is visible upto 16 nautical miles, rotating anti-clockwise at speed of about three revolutions per minute, guiding the way for navigators.

Guia Lighthouse 150th Anniversary

Title: Guia Lighthouse 150th Anniversary
Date of Issue: 8 July 2015
Country: Macau
Denominations: 2.00 and 5.50 patacas, 12.00 patacas

Source: Macau Stamps

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