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Heroes of the Korean War

Korea Post issued postage stamps featuring ten heroes of the Korean War to commemorate the sacrifice and patriotism of war heroes who gave their lives in the name of freedom and democracy.

Army Major Sim II organized a special five-man squad to carry out a suicide attack with grenades. The squad managed to destroy three North Korean self-propelled artillery guns, and thereby brought home the news of the first victory in the war.

Army Captain Kim Gyo-su demonstrated the spirit of “no retreat” by fighting a bloody battle against a regiment of the communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army with a force of only one company in what became known as the Battle of Gyoamsan.

Often referred to as the “Father of the Korean navy,” Vice Admiral Son Won-il contributed to the victory of the Korean War by commanding key maritime operations, including the Battle of Korea Straight and the Incheon Landing Operation (also known as the “Battle of Incheon”) in collaboration with UN Forces.

Brigadier General Lee Geun-seok of the Air Force flew a light aircraft and dropped bombs with his bare hands to delay the invasion of Seoul by the North Korean Army. When his plane engine was hit by enemy fire, he flew directly into an enemy tank and died a brave death.

Previously an activist for Korea’s independence from Japanese rule, Inspector General of Police Cha Il-hyeok reclaimed Chilbo Power Plant, which had been seized by communist sympathizers (North Korean partisans in South Korea), killed their commander, and thereby brought the punitive expedition against the partisans to a successful conclusion.

First Lieutenant Jin Du-tae of the Marine Corps led his men to major victories in the Wonsan Operation and a battle in the Hamheung region. After his troops were besieged by the enemy in the Daegwallyeong Attack, First Lieutenant Jin evacuated his men, fought the enemy single-handedly in a rear-guard action, and killed several enemy soldiers before falling in a brave death.

General James Alward Van Fleet of the U.S. Eighth Army was a great commander who did not give into pressure to retreat and doggedly defended the front line. His son, Air Force Captain James A. Van Fleet, Jr. (U.S.), volunteered to fight in the war, following his father’s footsteps, but went missing while flying a B-26 bomber on a mission over Suncheon, North Korea.

Lieutenant Colonel J. P. Carne (British) of the UN Army played a vital role in forming the defence line north of Seoul by stemming an attack by vastly superior forces and covering the retreat of nearby battalions during the first attack of the communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Ralph Monclar (French) of the UN Army voluntarily took a temporary demotion from lieutenant general to lieutenant colonel in order to command the French Battalion, which was attached to the UN Forces. At the Battle of Jipyeong-ri, he successfully fended off an attack by the Chinese, and thereby helped turn the tide of the war in favour of UN Forces.

Captain William Hamilton Shaw had voluntarily joined the U.S. Navy and played a crucial role in the success of the Incheon Landing Operation as an Naval intelligence officer of the US Far East Naval Command.

Title: Heroes of the Korean War
Date of Issue: 1 June 2015
Country: Korea
Denominations: KRW 300

Source: http://www.koreapost.go.kr/

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  1. There is a personal tribute to the W W heroes in the Special Covers I have made. India has relaesed no stamps. One Cover is on Fl. Off. Manmohan Singh of the RAF., a great- grand Uncle, who was shot down somewhere on the West coast of Australia in WW II fighting the German onslaught. Photos of Sikhs on the war front will be welcomed & duly acknowledged.

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