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Historic bridge in Pisek

Czech post will issue a stamp featuring the Stone Bridge in Písek (also known as the Stag Bridge), the oldest still standing stone bridge in Bohemia.

The bridge, spanning the Otava river, was the second stone bridge in Bohemia (after the already not existing Judith bridge in Prague). The exact date of its building is unknown, but the style is gothic. It was first mentioned in writing in 1348 when Charles IV ordered the town councillors to use fines collected in the town for maintenance of the bridge. A couple of gates with towers protected the bridge as well as the present historic town centre on either side.

The left-hand tower was destroyed by the flood of 1768, the other one succumbed to wear and tear in 1825. The bridge is adorned by copies of the original, mostly 18th century baroque sculptures and the Cavalry. The 6.5m wide structure, slightly bulging up the river, consists of six arches spanning 111 metres, built on pillars with an upward save edge. The normal height above the water level is 5.5m. As one of the few medieval bridges, still standing and used in Central Europe, the stone bridge is a unique rarity.

Title: Historic bridge in Písek
Date of Issue: 20 October 2010
Country: Czech Republic
Denominations: 12 CZK

Source: www.cpost.cz

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