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Historic forts of Alderney on postage stamps

Historic forts of Alderney

Alderney post issued six stamps featuring historic forts of Alderney which reflect its turbulent past.

The stamps are selected for attracting new visitors whilst inspiring local people about their heritage.

The forts of Alderney featured on stamps are Fort Tourgis, Fort Clonque, Fort Grosnez, Fort Houmet Herbe, Fort Chateau a l’Etoc and The Nunnery Roman Fort.

Historic forts of Alderney

Alderney has been continuously inhabited for at least 5000 years and offers an intriguing mix of Roman, Napoleonic and German architecture within a single site.

During the 1850s Alderney was heavily fortified by the British in response to the French extending the fortifications and harbour at Cherbourg.

Fort Tourgis, completed in 1855, was designed to accommodate 346 men and was originally to be the largest of Alderney’s Victorian forts. It was also designed to mount 33 heavy cannon in five batteries together with four 13-inch mortars.

Fort Clonque is a 19th-century coastal fortress in Alderney, in the Bailiwick of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. It was constructed at a time when French naval power was becoming an increasing concern to the British.

It is built on a rocky outcrop of land joined to the island by a causeway that can be submerged at high tide.

The castle Grosnez is a castle in ruins, dating from the xiv th century , located in the parish of Saint-Ouen , in the northwest of the island of Jersey , on the tip of Grosnez facing the island of Sark in the protected area of Landes .

One of four small Forts defending the French-facing coast of Alderney, Fort Houmet Herbe stands proudly out in the sea. Finished in 1854, this was the only fort on the island where one officer was in charge at any one time.

Fort Chateau a l’Etoc translated from French means Castle of the Stack. This name probably comes from the rock formation nearby, which looks like a fortress. The fort is on a headland between Saye and Corblets Bay. The fort is now a set of residential apartments.

The Roman fort, known locally as the ‘Nunnery’, is found at the bottom of Bluestone Hill. This site epitomises the way that strategically important positions on Alderney have been adopted and reused during each wave of fortifications the island.

Historic forts of Alderney on postage stamps

Title: Historic forts of Alderney on postage stamps
Date of Issue: 22 July 2015
Country: Alderney
Denominations: 42p, 56p, 57p, 62p, 68p, 77p

Source: Alderney Post

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