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Historical Vehicles of Czech Republic

Historical Vehicles of Czech Republic

The special stamps issued by Czech post featuring the historical vehicles used by people of Czech Republic for easy transportation.

The vehicles featured on stamps are the paddle steamer and the Tatra T3 Tram.

Historical Vehicles of Czech Republic

The paddle steamer

The paddle steamer Primator Dittrich was named after the founder of Prague Steamboat Company (1865), Prague’s mayor (in Czech “primator”) Frantisek Dittrich.

Frantisek Dittrich (1801-1875) was born into a raftsman’s family in Podskali in Prague.

He started his career in the same trade but soon (1826) became a log dealer. He applied his diligence and skills and soon become one of the wealthier citizens of Podskalí.

Dittrich pursued many activities including a contribution to the building of the National Theatre, and received the Golden Cross of Merit with a Crown order.

For his pioneering role in the introduction of passenger steamboats on the Vltava river, Frantisek Dittrich was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Franz Josef.

The paddle steamer Primator Dittrich later became popular thanks to the book Mutiny on the Steamer Primator Dittrich by Jaroslav Zak and Vlastimil Rada, published in 1930.

The Tatra T3 Tram

The Tatra T3 is a Czechoslovak tram model manufactured between the beginning of the 1960s and the second half of the 1990s by ?KD Praha’s factory Tatra Smíchov.

The model was developed mainly because of the huge weight of the predecessor model Tatra T2, which was not ideal for smaller operators with poor-quality tracks.

Thanks to its timeless design and high-quality construction, the new model became a synonym of the word “tram”. With over 14,000 cars produced, the T3 is the record holder in the number of manufactured units of the same model.

Even today it is likely to be the commonest tram car in the world. At the time of its origin, it was one of the most modern vehicles using new materials, such as plastics and fibreglass.

The Tatra Smíchov factory supplied the Prague Transit Company with altogether 1,184 T3 trams. The T3 was supplied also to other Czechoslovak cities operating trams, with Brno (1963) and Košice being among the first customers.

The T3 tram is entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most numerous type of trams in the world.

Historical Vehicles of Czech Republic

Title: Historical Vehicles of Czech Republic
Date of Issue: 23 September 2015
Country: Czech Republic
Denominations: 25.00 CZK, 25.00 CZK

Source: Czech Republic Post

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