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History of Manx Coins

IOM post issue a set of stamp to mark the tercentenary and details the most significant developments in coinage on the Isle of Man over three centuries.

The history of coins on the Island dates back 300 years to when the first official Manx coins were cast in 1709 and became legal tender by an Act of Tynwald on 24th June 1710.

They were cast in moulds, probably at Castle Rushen in Castletown, and the reverse side bore the family crest of James Stanley, 10th Earl of Derby. On the obverse is the familiar Manx triskeles surrounded by the old Latin spelling of the motto QVOCVNQVE GESSERIS STABIT, which translates as ‘Withersoever (which ever way) you throw it, it will stand’.

Title: History of Manx Coins
Date of Issue: 24 June 2010
Country: Isle of Man
Denominations: 35p, 36p, 55p, 60p, 67p, 1.87

Source: www.gov.im

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  1. A joy to see 300 yr old Manx Coins. Cover on 300 yr old 1st Sikh Coin was once banned for 12-5-10, because release was in Pune & not Panjab, both in India .
    C D Singh

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