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HONG KONG 2015 the opening day Special stamp

HONG KONG 2015 Opening day Special stamp

HONG KONG 2015 – 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition started from 20 November 2015 for four days at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Hongkong Post issued a second stamp sheetlet out of three to commemorate the major international philatelic event.

HONG KONG 2015 International Stamp Exhibition

This is the 31st Asian International Stamp Exhibition and the sixth international stamp exhibition to be held in Hong Kong.

With “Shopping and Dining” as its theme, the four-day exhibition is hosted by the Hong Kong Philatelic Society under the patronage of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately, with Hongkong Post as the main sponsor.

Hongkong Post issued a series of three stamp sheetlets on the theme of “Shopping and Dining” to highlight the quintessential charm of Hong Kong as a shopping paradise and a culinary capital.

The first stamp sheetlet was issued on 18 September 2014 and the third stamp sheetlet will be issued on the closing day, 23 November 2015.

The stamp sheetlets are specially designed according to the theme of the exhibition.

The Sheetlet adopts a stamp mounting card as its central feature with the addition of perforations on four sides, giving the stamp sheetlet the appearance of an oversize stamp.

Silhouettes of gourmet food and consumer goods are used to create the patterns of a domed food cover and a shopping cart respectively at the centre, echoing the “Shopping and Dining” theme of HONG KONG 2015.

To cater the needs of visitors and philatelists, sales booth and HK post temporary post office are available at exhibition centre for selling stamps.

HONG KONG 2015 the opening day Special stamp

Serviced first day covers are also available at the philatelic offices on the issue day only.

Title: HONG KONG 2015 the opening day Special stamp
Date of Issue: 20 November 2015
Country: Hong Kong
Denominations: HK$20

Source: Hong Kong Post

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